Rima Hydraulics is actually widely experienced and adequately organized to perform the following  services:

· Oil contamination monitoring with the aid of automatic particle counters

· Filtration of fluids ( flushing ) and the resulting solid particulate removal down to 2 absolute microns

· 400 hp diesel power units with vane pumps with a total capacity of 4000 l / m

· Purification of fluids from liquid and gaseous particulate up to 50 ppm

Flushing Skid
Bottler Sampler  

· Spectrochemical analysis of oils released ​​by specialized laboratories and certified on a written and digital form

Our portable filtration systems meet the highest quality standards and are equipped with explosion-proof units .

The operations , carried out in full compliance with current regulations concerning safety and according to plans and internal schemes of industries, are carried out by qualified technicians and skilled workers of the sector .

Flushing cart