• Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    Power units, Pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Hoses, Manual valves, Solenoid valves, Steering units, Ball valves, Fittings, Filters, Separators, Accumulators, Oils, Clutches, Gearboxes, Couplings, Housing Bells, Coils, Pressure switches, Pressure gauges, Level gauges and more in "Products" section.

  • Design and Construction

    Problem analysis, design, assembly, installation, installation, test and after-sale service. Support services to industrial companies in sectors like petroleum products refining and derivatives, plastics injection, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, ecological equipment and naval units.

  • Flushing

    Oil contamination monitoring - Filtration of fluids and removal of solid particles down to 2 absolute microns. 400 hp diesel power unit with vane pumps for a total capacity of 4000 liters / min - Purification / cleaning up of fluids from liquid and gaseous particulates up to 50 ppm - Spectrochemical analysis